Midland Connected (Midland)

Business Information

Address: 3917 Jefferson, Midland, Michigan

Phone: (989) 631-5892

Midland County students have access to 18+ Career and Technical Education Programs, camps and career exploration at their schools. We make it happen.


  • Summer Camps 2023 – Register for Camps
    • Find Your Future. Age 12-18 (August 1-3, $195): Campers will explore the 6 Michigan Career Pathways through hands-on activities that are tailored to help them experience the wide variety of career options that will one day be available to them.

    • Scrub Life. Age 12-18 (June 13-15, $255): This camp is jam-packed with hands-on activities in the Health Science field from simulation labs, learning and practicing CPR, Intubation, I.V.’s, and so much more!

    • Starting at Square 1. Age 12-18 (July 17-20 or 24-27, $255): Campers experience hands-on activities with Trades people from many different industries. They will utilize Heavy Equipment, discover Welding techniques, create their own projects, and more!

    • What’s on the Menu?. Age 12-18  (June 20-22, $210): A perfect blend of Agriscience and Culinary using hands-on activities to understand how food goes from Farm → Kitchen → Table! Activities include creating unique dishes, various field trips to gather ingredients, and more!

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