The Rock Center for Youth & Development (Midland)

Business Information

Address: 2205 Jefferson Ave., Midland, Michigan 48640

[email protected]

Phone: (989) 835-2542

The ROCK Center for Youth Development is a teen-focused organization that helps youth succeed and thrive. We are an independent, inclusive, non-profit who provides developmental education, after school programs, and community-based activities for middle and high school students. Our goal is to build tangible life skills, instill confidence and sense of belonging, and encourages healthy life choices and relationships in our teens. We are a trusted partner in youth development and an advocate for teens. Programs are proven to help young people develop the assets they need to be confident, self-reliant adults. The ROCK partners with parents and schools offering mentoring, emotional support, academic assistance, and positive role models for students, all in a safe, non-judgmental setting. Our staff and volunteers are caring adults whose first priority is the students well-being. Adults are available to listen, learn, and laugh along with program participants, helping them to create lasting bonds and lifelong skills.


  • After-school Programs
  • Events
  • Community-based activities for middle and high school students
  • Programs include ROCK Grounded, ROCK Exposure, and ROCK Unplugged.
  • Camps 2023
    • Summer Camp
      • Grades 6-12
      • Cost $150/ week/ student
      • Weekly camps with weekly themes
        • CREEPIE CRAWLERS – June 5-9
        • SHREK WEEK – June 12-16
        • I HAVE A NAME – June 19-23
        • JUNGLE BOOK WEEK – June 26-30
        • SHARK WEEK – July 10-14
        • WORLD FESTIVALS – July 17-21
        • CAST AWAY WEEK – July 24-28
        • WILLY WONKA WEEK – July 31-August 4
        • TREASURE HUNTERS WEEK – August 7-11