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R1SE: Education & Recreation – After & Before School Program

Life as a parent does not have to be this difficult.

I get it. I’m the father of two beautiful little girls. I can relate to the pressures, time constraints, etc. By the way, what’s for dinner? Ideas anyone? Does that happen at 4:00 or 9:00? I’m all ears. Before you let your mind drift into that massive to-do list (and crock-pot recipes), let me provide a solution and my story. Parent struggles and student needs are the reason why I pursued my dream. I set out to build something never attempted before. As a teacher, I saw the exhausted looks on the faces of my parents. My heart ached for my students who were begging for academic and emotional support after school. Sure, there were places to “stick your child.” But, my students didn’t want to stay after school. That is for sure. And they definitely outgrew daycares. Why isn’t there a “cool place” for kids? Additionally, why can’t we support kids academically and socially?

This was the birth of R1SE.

I was a teacher for 15 years. I was blessed to receive Michigan’s “Excellence in Education” Award. I felt accomplished. But, I was bursting with ambition and a burning desire to do more. Through prayer and with the help of selfless community leaders, I set out to build the best student facility in the state. We assembled a team of elite educators and invented the “next step” in educational support, tutoring, and recreation.

I took the ultimate leap of faith, leaving a decorated, stable career to fulfill a need. Did it work? That would be an understatement. We built a 10,000 square foot facility that people compare to Google offices for kids or an educational theme park. Our facility comes equipped with a movie theater, art studio, video game lounge, and hands-on game lounges. Kids come in and they are energized by the atmosphere and positive peers surrounding them. Our students are getting As and feeding off the success of each other. We currently have 270 students enrolled in our Freeland location and after 2 years of constant requests from Midland parents, we’re bringing R1SE to Midland! Don’t be fooled by that large number though. Given alternating schedules, release times, etc. we’re able to protect our loving, personal, family experience with lots of teachers. We know and love our kids. We celebrate their successes and the relief on our parents’ faces upon pick-up is one of the best rewards.

We hope that parents like you embrace our experience and take your weekdays back. However, on a more personal level, I hope that you too take a leap of faith like I did. If you have been contemplating a dream, a hobby, a new career, etc. Do it. I promise you that you will feel an energy you didn’t know existed. In the meantime, let our R1SE team free up some time for those dreams (wink). Pursue those passions because life shouldn’t be about survival. And if I can help you reach those dreams, give me a call. Let’s rise together.

Trevor Szafranski
R1SE: Education & Recreation

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