Parenting Issues

Happy Mother’s Day….or is it?

Happy Mother’s Day….or is it? by Camille Nitschky, The Grief Lady I was standing at the post office the other day, innocently browsing the Hallmark cards. I saw the cutest […]

Our Special Needs Journey

This is the story of a Great Lakes Bay family’s journey navigating parenting a child in our community with special needs. To protect the privacy of this family, we have […]

Food Allergies: One Out of Thirteen

Rhonda is a mother and business owner. This last fall, she advocated for food allergy awareness in the Great Lakes Bay by hosting the Midland FARE (Food Allergy Research & […]

PostPartum Depression – Here Is My Story!

Dani lives in Bay City with her husband, daughter, and crazy collection of pets. She found her dream job working as a Children’s Librarian, where she feels she has a […]

JEN’S ZEN ~ Sh*t

By: Jen Wainwright Can we be real for a minute? I mean … Real? You see, my grandma used to say that she had no use for, “a person who […]

JEN’S ZEN ~ Shadow Work

By: Jen Wainwright Many moons ago, I worked in a restaurant with a manager who … noticed. If you were stocking salads, or prepping silverware or doing some little, behind-the-scenes […]

JEN’S ZEN ~ Dads & Underdogs 

By: Jen Wainwright It was like a scene from a movie.  A horror movie happening in real life …  She was so awkward, so painfully awkward. She epitomized all that […]

JEN’S ZEN ~ Together

By: Jen Wainwright I actually have it all together. I have it all figured out. My life is perfect. My relationship, my job, my income – perfect. My children and […]

JEN’S ZEN ~ Scarred

  By: Jen Wainwright Sitting on our bathroom counter, staring into the mirror, my five-year-old ran her fingers along the scar on her forehead. “Will my scar ever go away, […]

JEN’S ZEN ~ Rich

By: Jen Wainwright Driving to school the other morning, we passed a new shop opening in Old Town Saginaw. The owner is a youngin’ of about 22, good friends with […]

JEN’S ZEN ~ My Neck, My Back

By: Jen Wainwright How the hell did I get here? Every parent already knows the answer. How did I get here, barely able to walk, limping from my bed to […]

JEN’S ZEN ~ 2015. Feel It.

By: Jen Wainwright Our New Year is here! How’s 2015 going for you so far, Parent? Resolutions? Goals? Are you thinking about what you want out of your year? More […]

JEN’S ZEN ~ Unwrap and ENJOY

By: Jen Wainwright What can I possibly gift you, my friends and fellow parents? Aside from a hearty and heartfelt THANK YOU for reading, sharing, commenting and just being present […]

JEN’S ZEN ~ Your Best Gift

By: Jen Wainwright   My kids and I were snuggled on the couch, talking about our upcoming holiday plans. It’s all so exciting to me, really! We’ll make cookies with […]