Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan is Creating Leaders

Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan is Creating Leaders

Girl Scouts is in the business of creating the leaders of tomorrow. Any girl from ages 5-18 can have a blast while learning about team building, public speaking, and other leadership skills. Young people are becoming more technologically savvy than ever, and Girl Scouts has embraced this shift and introduced more technology into the program. That being said, girls are also encouraged to take time to set their technology down and go camping for a weekend or take a hike with their friends. Girl Scouts melds together the old and the new for the best experience for girls!

Modern Additions


The STEM field has expanded greatly over the past 20 years; however, there is a large gender gap in the STEM field, with women making up only 30% of the workforce. Girl Scouts is helping to close the gap by teaching girls about STEM at an early age and encouraging them to find a passion in the field. This happens by giving girls opportunities to learn to code, tour a water treatment plant, and introducing them to other women in the STEM field. These activities show girls that STEM can be fun, that they are welcome in the STEM space, and it gives them the confidence to pursue STEM in other capacities of their life.


Girl Scouts has always taught girls how to take care of the planet since its founding in 1912, but now there is special emphasis on how girls can combat the effects of climate change. Girls can learn about the benefits of trees while getting to plant one themselves, or learn about wildlife while going on a hike in a local park. These activities show girls how climate change is affecting the planet and give them motivation to help and negate the effects not just currently, but throughout their entire lives.

From the Beginning

While it may seem like many things in Girl Scouts have changed, the core values and mission have remained the same. The Girl Scouts mission is to help build girls of courage, confidence, and character who help make the world a better place. While some of the ways that we do this have adapted to the times that we live in, some of the Girl Scouts methods are tried and true and have remained the same since our founding.

Girl Scout Cookies

When most people think of Girl Scouts, they think of Girl Scout Cookies. Girl Scout Cookies have been a staple of Girl Scouts since 1917. While the flavors have changed over the years, the purpose and power behind them have remained the same. When a girl participates in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, she learns five skills: business ethics, decision making, goal setting, money handling, and people skills. The Girl Scout Cookie Program is not only a girl’s first business; it is also a way for girls to learn about saving money and budgeting. All of the proceeds from Girl Scout cookies stay local, and the troop gets to decide what they want to do with their funds. They could go camping, buy new uniforms, or donate to a local charity. Not only is the Girl Scout Cookie Program tons of fun, but it also helps girls to build skills that they will use their entire lives.

Community Service

Girl Scouts has always been rooted in the local communities that we serve. In order for girls to earn the Highest Awards of Girl Scouting, they need to complete a community service project where they identify a problem in their community, then create and implement a sustainable solution. When girls learn how to identify and solve problems in their community from a young age, they are much more likely to be community activists when they get older. Creating a foundation of caring about one’s community is what leads to active and engaged citizens as adults.

Girl Scouts Overview

Girl Scouts gives girls fun and unique opportunities that they cannot get anywhere else. It gives girls a safe place to try new things, fail, and then try again. Girls get the opportunity to learn lots of diverse skills such as knot tying, coding, money handling, and public speaking. Girl Scouts also help their communities by participating in many different service projects. And while they are doing all of these fun and amazing things, they are making friends for life with their Girl Scout sisters.

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